Professor Lars Hamberger. Internationally recognized researcher and pioneer in assisted reproduction (Stand in for Robert Edwards at Nobell price lecture 2010 before the Royal Academy of Sciences). Entrepreneur with more than a dozen successes in biotech, example Cellartis (stem cells) Vitrolife (ART / transplantation).

Pioneer, TelexMedicas Chairman Professor Lars Hamberger continues his lifelong research career. He led by one of the foremost IVF clinics in the world until his retirement. Already 1992 exerimenterade Professor Lars Hamberger with telemedical monitoring of fetal. Click on this link and see SVT world of science documentary about this year's Nobel laureates.


Managing Director Dr. Per Knutson, physician, innovator, entrepreneur. Self-employed since 17 age. Currently runs the Flying Doctors At Knutson AB since 1994 och TelexMedica AB, responsible physician at

Lennart O Larson, experienced business lawyer..

Lena Ă–sterlin: experienced nurse in home health care.

Johanna Reid: MBA with experience in entrepreuneurskap, Startups, IT companies but also financial manager positions in listed companies.

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