TelexMedica Kliniska Telemedicin AB was formed 2004 in order to create an Internet health care system, DocOnNet, for individual care remote consultations. A system that creates a new arena for the medical meeting.

The system has been developed and used in actual medical consultations at the company's own clinic .

  • DocOnNet can be used in common home computers, in modern smartphones and “tablet computers” such as the iPhone.
  • DocOnNet easier for the patient by him do not have to travel and wait.
  • DocOnNet allows the caregiver to work, safer, efficient, more mobile and more fun.
  • DocOnNet reduce the spread of infection in the community and in hospitals.
  • TelexMedica has applied for international patents for DocOnNet system.
  • TelexMedica is a privately owned company with 23 shareholders.

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